Perfect Buttermilk Biscuits

Want the perfect biscuits, with no mess, no stress, all the flavor & texture AND gluten-free? Look no further, at GoodLove Foods, we got you! With our Frozen, Ready-to-Bake goods, you'll have the buttery, flaky biscuit experience you've been longing for. 

Did you know that our GF buttermilk biscuits are made using only the highest quality ingredients and on top of being manufactured in a 100% GF facility, they are also free from soy, eggs, nuts, oats, and seeds. Our GF flour mix is non-GMO, our dairy is non-rbst, and we keep it real by using only sweet cream butter. The good stuff. 

We want to ensure you only have the BEST experience with our biscuits and so we've compiled a few Tasty Tips to follow. Don't forget to post your biscuit pics on Instagram and tag us! We love to see and share your GoodLove foodie experiences. 


  • Yes, set that oven to 425 degrees! This helps create that amazing golden & crispy crust with a flaky, soft middle. If your oven runs hotter, knock the heat down to 415 but adjust your cooking time by a few minutes. 
  • Yes, pop those biscuits in your oven FROZEN. No need to defrost, unless you're making one of our delicious recipes. If they happen to be defrosted, that's totally fine! Drop the oven temp a bit more and adjust the cooking time.
  • As the biscuits bake you'll smell the aroma of butter and it will be tempting to open the oven ... don't! Keep those babies in the hot oven until at least the 15 minute mark. If you have hot spots, this is when you can rotate the pan. Keeping the oven door closed during the initial bake will ensure a super fluffy and flaky biscuit. 
  • When the timer is up, you'll have incredibly golden, fluffy biscuits and you'll be tempted (again) to dive right in. Don't! Let them cool on the pan, in the oven or on your countertop, for a few reasons:
    • The butter that may be left on your pan will magically return to the biscuit ... promise.
    • GF baked goods are best when cooled slightly. I know, a biscuit is best HOT and trust me, they'll still be hot, but for the flakiest biscuit and to make sure the inside isn't gooey, let them sit for 5 minutes and then devour.
  • When it comes to dressing up the biscuits, you can go sweet or savory! 
    • Try the simple route with a bit of butter, jam or honey.
    • Get a little more creative and turn it into a biscuitwich... we're talking bacon/egg/cheese, or fried chicken, or how about a slider?
    • Take it to the sweeter side and add some nutella with fresh fruit!
    • These babes are perfect any time of day too, not just for breakfast. Try them at dinner instead of a roll, or wrap them up and take them on the next hiking adventure as your break snack.
  • All biscuits are best when fresh, but if you happen to have any leftovers, keep them wrapped or in a container in your fridge. To reheat, we suggest toasting, or microwaving with a damp paper towel for 30 seconds.
    • You can also cut up the leftover biscuits and toast in the oven with herbs for the crunchiest croutons. 
    • Or slice thinly, top with pizza sauce and cheese, and bake in the oven for a little appetizer. Literally any topping works!
    • You can also just slice thinly, drizzle a bit of olive oil, broil or toast, and make biscuit crackers for your next cheese board. Any board really!
  • Last but not least, ENJOY your perfect GF buttermilk biscuit. Savor each buttery, flaky bite as you forget about your worries for the day.


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