We're just a couple of Silly-Yaks (i.e. celiacs) that wanted to change the dynamic of gluten-free baking for the better. We love that gluten-free food has become more readily available, however, there was still something missing, particularly when it came to baked goods.

We wanted GF products that were made from scratch, had delicious flavor, unbeatable texture, required zero mess, AND were celiac safe. Basically, we wanted the ultimate gluten-free baking experience. When we couldn't find anything that met these standards, we decided to make them for ourselves. 

Celiac Disease affects about 1% of the population in the US but that number is expected to rise as testing becomes commonplace. Gluten-free food is also unfortunately still treated as a fad diet by most consumers as well as food producers. We wanted to destigmatize this view and legitimize our concern for food that wasn't just labeled "gluten-free" but was actually safe for those affected with the disease. 

We present to you GoodLove Foods, our food brand that puts quality and safety first. Welcome to the community! We truly hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you, and hope you spread that GoodLove Energy.

XOXO, Chennelle (Founder) & Justin (Taste Tester)

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